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Hack-A-Brand is a brand consultancy that facilitates brand, strat and campaign workshops for businesses and startups.

This online store houses a collection of our easy-to-use interactive tools and guides that will hack any creative, strategy, marketing, or advertising project fast and successfully.

Drop us a mail if you would like a Hack-A-Brand workshop, or do it yourself with our intuitive tools.

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Brainstorm like a pro

Self contained workshops in every product. Our tools are designed to ask the right questions, keep your ideas flowing all while reaching your objectives, saving you time.

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Uncover hidden truths

Actionable tools for insight seekers. Challenge assumptions and perceptions, for insights that matter, with guides that hack their way to real solutions.

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Future-proof brands

Hack your way to a brand purpose. Brands are stronger when they stay true to why they started out in first place and exude that purpose through every interaction.

Good things come to those who hack 'em

Get hacking with the latest releases below.

Hack a Target Market

The how to hack a target market A1 flipchart, with 50 sheets of workshop ready activities, being displayed on a flipchart tripod against a concrete wall. The cover page is flipped expossing the segmentations and exercises to help create a target market.
The how to hack a brand personality A4 notepad, with 50 sheets of workshop ready activities, opening to reveal the inner pages on a muted background resembling a corner of a room. The differentiating categories or red ink on white bond paper.

Hack a Brand Personality

Overhead shot of a workstation with laptops and stationary.

Coming soon


Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room. – Jeff Bezos

Growth hack your brand with proven brand sprint and marketing workshop tools.

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