Hello world...

Wow, finally launched our e-commerce store and now I don't know what to say...erm?!

I suppose for this new brand, we call Hack-A-Brand, to live up to its name and its mission, every post we make from here on out has to be an extension of our purpose.

We believe that better brands lead to trust. And trust leads to sales. And sales lead to better businesses, which increases the jobs available, which eventually liberates everyone.

   Essentially, help build better brands for better businesses, for a more significant socioeconomic impact, for a better world.

We all know the "teach a man to fish" analogy, as cliché as it might be, that is our purpose. Except ours is to teach her/him to better brand, market and advertise themselves, so when it rains that they are the ones dancing in it selling the heck out of their products.

There's no silver bullet for the change we want to create, and there are probably easier ways to achieve it; like foreign investment, or policy changes, or regulations and the likes. Our angle is branding, marketing, advertising and entrepreneurship.

The more people that start their own "next big things", or the more businesses that begin to market themselves, creating better perceptions, aligning to their purpose and not their bottom lines, the better the economy will be.

It's a pretty ambitious dream, we know, but it has to be to make a difference.

So, the first rule of hack club is to tell all your BFFs about hack club. Tell them hey from us, share our content, build better brands and maybe buy our tools. You won't regret it.

Thanks so much for reading, hope to hear from you soon.

Regards and hack well.