Our story

Building a brand is not rocket science. Anyone can do it with the right mindset and tools.

Hack-A-Brand's productivity and workshop tools help creatives, strategists, marketers, and business owners build better brands.

From brands to Rands (or Dollars, whatever)

Our purpose is simple get business noticed for what makes them special, communicate their purpose, build trust, and the sales will follow. And one day more jobs, which leads to more freedom.

That's what we believe.

Where the hack did we come from?

Hack-A-Brand is the lovechild of Sarel Delport and Sancia Dos Santos'Delport, the founders of Autonomous Republic, a "boutique" integrated brand and advertising agency.

Their mission is to liberate businesses by cultivating better brands, marketing and advertising. And over the years, it has been achieved through brand and marketing workshops they offered their clients.

The client responses to the workshops and their results spurred an idea that anyone could better their brand, if only they had the right tools.

That's when Hack-A-Brand was born (2018ish).

The founders researched and developed brand hacking tools, testing, redesigning, chucking out and starting again, till they worked.

The result is a collection of tools that champion brand development while democratising marketing and advertising efforts.

Welcome to our shop, take a look around and shout if you need anything.

Thanks for popping by.